Towards happier and healthier life

This January I attended Harvard Wellness project conference which was a of a great need for students “due to the prevalence of unhealthy behaviors (i.e. sleep deprivation, lack of time to exercise, depression, anxiety, stress)”. I must say it was wonderful and the Wellness Project has achieved a lot in raising awareness and helping us move towards happier and healthier lives.

It has inspired me in many ways  from meeting people to introducing changes in myself. The lectures about nutrition( from Dr.Clifford Lo) and time management( from Dr.Frank McNamara and Claire Shindler)were not only thought-provoking, but bringing changes and action in my life.

I can`t help mentioning that I won`t forget the energy boost from Tess Hellgren and her dance class that was moving  in all senses and it makes me laugh when I recall it.

Most of all it was a pleasure to meet Poonam Tandon, who guided us through the world of yoga

and learn about her teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whom I found in youtube @ MTV’s Fantasy Factory.

I have been to several classes of fitness yoga before, but it did not feel exactly right and after borrowing a book of yoga at the public library I did some at home but not for long.  Once I tried yoga with my partner which was a good experience. It seems to me that the atmosphere and time matters. I feel changes inside: it easier to communicate with people  and even strangers, now I look at things differently, and what once seemed a problem – now is not important, finally, less nervous and I have more peace and strength when thinking about the coming  work in the semester.

Thank you Priyanka Mitra, Zena Mengesha, Belinda O`Donnell, Beverly Pozuelos, Preetha Hebbar, Rachel Bervell, Ashley Anglade!!!!!!