Barriers to Care Adoption at the HIV dedicated facility in Russia

 Many studies are devoted to adoption and retention in  HIV care. Here is short presentation in Prezi on barriers to care adoption, a version of possible factors that lead to drop-outs and lack of patients engagement at the HIV Center in St.Petersburg, Russia.

It was presented as an abstract at the 6th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (CDD018) - Barriers to care adoption at St. Petersburg AIDS Center, Russia

The methodology: System dynamics model was used to understand the complexity of patient-physician, patient-patient, physician-Center`s administration-government-educational institution-civil society interactions.

The model served as a tool to analyze current HIV care service adoption at and provide assistance in its further development (e.g., quality care standards, new recruitment strategies, patient-centered treatment).

Systems Thinking approach has been adopted by WHO as a powerful tool in health policy design analysis to increase the quality of program evaluation.

Here is one of the systems projects from 2011 MIT SDM conference on Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges: Alex Shih talks about his project with Harvard medical school for Sustainable Household Income.

and a powerful short talk from Richard Tafel on social entrepreneurship and systems: