Public Health week

About a week ago I finished online class “Principles of Public Health“. I have taken it out of curiosity as this course is taught differently at each University and to practice writing reports where you describe and analyze a specific public health problem in the community and on a global scale and suggest investigation/research strategy or policies to address/solve the problem. 

In my opinion, this class will be useful for those who are doing a master in public health and also for general public to learn what is public health about, who stand behind prevention/policies and achievements.

While at school I read good two books about extraordinary people who did not remain indifferent to unhealthy conditions of their community, about their transformation from observer to a public health pioneer. These kind of books are important to get a holistic view of healthcare problems.

Moments in leadership. Case studies in pub



I came over this blog post “Surprise! It`s National Public Health Week” that has a list of public health achievements and a link by my colleague Adrian Michalski to a this video: